Michler's Gin Genuine Small Batch

70cl | 44.0% | Deutschland
Albert Michler Distillery Hersteller: Albert Michler Distillery
Artikel-Nr.: BAGIMIGEN11

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Michlers Gin ist ein 44% handgefertigtes, destilliertes Gin, das mit sorgf

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Michler's Gin is distilled using 15 secret herbs and spices, including rare ingredients and botanical sources from of the original recipe to create the gin's distinctive flavour profile.

These include the mountain plant with a flavour similar to blackcurrant, and the Silesian Wormwood providing a sharp floral note. Locally sourced spring water, fresh apples, orange peel, citrus fruits and various vegetables such as cucumber are used for the maceration. Other selected ingredients enhance the purity and smoothness of the gin's finish.

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