Liqueur di Coriandolo

70cl | 33.0% | Spain
Pazo de Valdomiño Manufacturer: Pazo de Valdomiño
Reference: PAZOCOR70

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Coriander is a liqueur obtained from the maceration of aromatic and medicinal herbs, coriander, cinnamon, anise and others in the Aguardiente de Orujo.
Elaborated according to an ancient recipe introduced in 1877 by D. Manuel Ozores of Goian and transmitted, since then, from generation to generation. Recognized as a native of the municipality of Goián, in the Baixo Miño (Pontevedra), it has become a highly appreciated digestive for the differentiated characteristics in terms of aroma, color and taste that the maceration of coriander seeds and other herbs gives it in the Orujo liqueur.
Crystalline, toasted in color with balsamic and sweet aromas, a touch of citrus to the taste, very digestive.


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