Aguardiente Vella - Pazo De Valdomino

70cl | 40.0% | Spain | Gift Box
Pazo de Valdomiño Manufacturer: Pazo de Valdomiño

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Aguardiente of wine derived from the fermentation of Albariño grapes. From its distillation, a distillate with a high alcohol content is obtained which is called holanda. Then, it is aged in toasted French and American oak barrels.
After eight years of aging, it is removed from the barrel and cut with pure Galician water, until it reaches the desired alcoholic strength. Finally, it remains at rest for a year before being bottled.
Toasted brilliant color, with a delicate and harmonious bouquet of vanilla, toasted almonds and hints of caramel. Its soft and slightly sweet nish leaves a pleasant reminiscence.


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