• Whisky Aberlour 16Y
    5225 € In Stock

    70cl | 40.0%
    United Kingdom

    5225 €
  • Whisky Ancnoc 12Y
    4270 € In Stock

    70cl | 40.0%

    4270 €
  • Whisky Smokehead
    4550 € In Stock

    100cl | 40%

    4550 €
  • Gin Agricolo Nimiun
    3890 € In Stock

    70cl | 47.0%

    A dry gin, with a slightly citrusy scent that is softened by floral essences that make it slightly bitter.The color of Gin Nimium changes when it comes in contact with tonic water, becoming purple and enhancing the fragrance of the botanicals used. Suitable for the preparation of floral cocktails with a sure scenic effect that will not fail to surprise....

    3890 €
  • Kinobi Kyoto Dry Gin
    6320 € In Stock

    70cl | 45.7%

    KI NO BI (?The Beauty of the Seasons?) is inspired by tradition and is distilled, blended and bottled in Kyoto. Our gin is made in a recognisable dry style but with a distinct Japanese accent. KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin is created with Japanese botanicals such as yellow yuzu from the north of Kyoto Prefecture, hinoki wood chips (Japanese cypress), bamboo,...

    6320 €
  • Aperitivo Select
    1745 € In Stock

    100cl | 14.0%

    Bitter Aperitif Select is a historical drink created in 1920 in Venice. After more than 90 years with its round taste and the perfect balance is still the drink most loved by Venetians and great for the preparation of the Spritz.

    1745 €
  • Cognac Tiffon VS Gift Box
    3490 € In Stock

    70cl | 40.0%

    Cognac Tiffon VS è un blend di molte “eaux-de-vie” attentamente selezionate dalle migliori aree della regione del Cognac per la loro freschezza. Fruttato al naso con aroma di caramello e toffee. Intenso nella bocca. E’ un cognac buono, morbido e dolce con una piacevole caratteristica di quercia. Finale intenso e pulito.

    3490 €
  • Gin Schneeberger Styria Dry
    4270 € In Stock

    50cl | 43.5%

    4270 €
  • Whisky Bushmills 10Y
    3478 € In Stock

    70cl | 40.0%

    3478 €
  • Baciamano Gin 45
    3470 € In Stock

    50cl | 45.0%

    Gin Baciamano 45 is a premium gin distilled to which is added just one botanical, the most important: juniper. We use high quality weath alcohol and the best juniper collected from plants grown on the Balkan coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where the smell of resin that emanate in the heat is unmistakable.  

    3470 €
  • Cinico cinnamom liqueur
    1920 € In Stock

    70cl | 20.0%

    Cinico, Italian liqueur, was founded by a infusion of spices, cinnamon presence connotes it as a tonic and digestive and excellent base for mixing.

    1920 €
  • Fred Jerbis Gin 43
    3825 € In Stock

    70cl | 43.0%

    An original gin: 43 degrees and 43 botanicals.Inspired by a secret recipe of 1946, this gin is crafted in all its phases and uses only Italian ingredients.Produced in Friuli, with great care and in limited quantities, in order to offer an inimitable flavor.

    3825 €
  • Aperitivo Select
    1745 € In Stock

    100cl | 14.0%

    Bitter Aperitif Select is a historical drink created in 1920 in Venice. After more than 90 years with its round taste and the perfect balance is still the drink most loved by Venetians and great for the preparation of the Spritz.

    1745 €
  • Big Gino Italian Dry Gin
    2550 € In Stock

    100cl | 40.0%

    An entirely Italian gin in a characteristic bottle, unfiltered to keep all its flavors natural. Refined and at a competitive price, Big Gino is distilled in small quantities and bottled by hand.

    2550 €
  • Fred Jerbis 25 Vermouth
    2590 € In Stock

    70cl | 18.0%

    Handcrafted and Unfiltered this vermouth is produced using 25 botanical as ancient Italian recipe, in particular we use three different types of absinthe and two orange. Excellent as an aperitif either alone or in combination.

    2590 €
  • Rivo Gin - Lake Como Foraged
    4049 € In Stock

    50cl | 43.0%

    RIVO Gin is a proudly produced distillate in Italy. All 12 botanicals are macerated separately, individually distilled and then gradually assembled. Distillation takes place in small batches. The result is complex, a fresh but vigorous gin with an alcoholic strength of 43 vol. Thousand and in numbered bottles.

    4049 €
  • Sabatini Gin
    3960 € In Stock

    70cl | 41.3%

    A handcrafted premium London Dry Gin distilled exclusively with botanical from Tuscany, Italy.

    3960 €
  • Amuerte Gin - Coca Leaf
    7170 € In Stock

    70cl | 43.0%

    Amuerte Coca Leaf is the first gin in the world produced with real coca leaves from Peru.A gin made from one of Belgium's oldest, extremely fruity distilleries has aromas of ripe pineapple, dragonfruit and passion fruit, presented in a fantastic bottle designed by the best South American designers Havi Cruz and Adrian Dominguez.Amuerte Coca Leaf Gin has a...

    7170 €
  • Fred Jerbis 34 Bitter
    2215 € In Stock

    70cl | 25.0%

    Characterized by a particular coloration that confers uniqueness, Bitter 34 Fred Jerbis, although not bitter in the classical sense of the term, mixes purely love notes to other citrus fruits and sweets that make it easy to drink. Even the perfumes behave similarly making it a fragrant and pleasant product to the nose.

    2215 €
  • Vittore Red Vermouth
    1342 € In Stock

    75cl | 15.0%

    Nel 1904 la cantina Cherubino Valsangiacomo produsse la prima bottiglia di vermouth. Nel 2011, dopo oltre 100 anni di vita del vermouth, la quinta generazione decise di tornare alle origini del prodotto elaborandolo con la formula ancestrale che ai suoi tempi inventò Don Benedetto Valsangiacomo.Il vermouth Vittore ha gareggiato ed è stato vittorioso in...

    1342 €
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