Vermouth Carpano Classic Dry 1L

100cl | 18.0% | Italy | Glass bottle


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“Carpano Dry” is the name of the new Carpano Vermouth. It has a drier taste and a lower sugar content than the other vermouths. The product has its origins in the history of Carpano, enriched with the experience of the Branca brand in the choice and use of the raw materials.

Indeed, the most valuable Italian wines are chosen to make this vermouth, helping the finished product to maintain its organoleptic properties for a long time, thanks also to the purification and standardization stages and rigorous quality controls.

Among the officinalis plants, the wormwood used in the Carpano products is grown in Italy and gathered in unpolluted mountainous areas making it more expensive due to the difficulty in to procuring it and its popularity among producers.

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