Virgin Gorda Rum

70cl | 40.0% | United Kingdom
Manufacturer: The Poshmakers
Reference: RUMGOR70

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Virgin Gorda Rum is a golden rum, blended from rums from the British Caribbean islands; Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica, produced by the distillation of fermented sugar cane, in pot-stills. After distillation, the rums go through a natural aging process in old, American Oak Bourbon barrels. Achieving an average age of 7 years, with 20% of 8 year old rum included in the blend. 

A differentiating factor of Virgin Gorda compared with the majority of rums is its 100% natural state; no color, flavor or aroma additives are used. Trinidad provides refreshing notes and vanilla characteristics. Jamaica adds body and a strong backbone from the molasses. Barbados provides the strongest woody, aged characteristics, being the oldest rum of the blend with 8 years ageing. 


Appearence: brilliant and golden 

Nose: beautifully intense with natural vanilla notes from wood and creamy toffee aromas 

Palate: full-bodied, with an initial sweetness followed by the rich Bourbon-like tastiness of vanilla. Smooth and incredibly long


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