Braulio Riserva

70cl | 24.7% | Italy
Braulio Manufacturer: Braulio
Reference: BAAMBRAR34

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Amaro Braulio is an Italian liqueur with Alpine roots. Its history dates back to 1875 when Pietro Bordiga, a pharmacist from Bormio, created a blend of Alpine herbs for their digestive and medicinal properties. This recipe has been passed down through generations and led to the creation of Amaro Braulio. This artisanal amaro is produced using a selection of over 20 Alpine herbs, including gentian, thyme, mint, and yarrow. Amaro Braulio has a bold, bitter, and aromatic taste with notes of herbs, citrus, and spices. It is often enjoyed as a digestif after meals or used in the preparation of cocktails and mixed drinks.


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