Liquore Genepy Nature Savio

70cl | 40.0% | Italy
Manufacturer: Savio
Reference: BALIGEN34

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Genepy Nature Savio Liqueur is a exquisite alcoholic beverage originating from the French and Italian Alps. This liqueur is handcrafted using Genepy herbs, which are handpicked from the alpine mountains. Its history is rooted in the tradition of ancient Alpine recipes, passed down from generation to generation. Genepy Nature Savio stands out for its intense aroma and herbaceous flavor, with hints of mint, chamomile, and spices. It is an ideal liqueur to enjoy as a digestif or to use in creating unique cocktails. Its unique character and its origin from the majestic Alpine mountains make it an unforgettable tasting experience.

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Genepy Nature Savio 70Cl 40%

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