Burleighs Gin King Richard III

70cl | 40.0% | United Kingdom
Burleighs Gin Manufacturer: Burleighs Gin
Reference: BURLKING3

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Burleighs King Richard III Gin draws from its namesake, taking inspiration from the time the lost king sat upon the throne. The botanical blend of sage, thyme, clove and mace combines herbs and spices which would have sat in pride of place in the kitchens of King Richard III’s palaces.


Nose: refreshing orange on the nose is followed by mellow, herbaceous notes and the warmth of spice.

Palate: fresh and oral notes of rose blossom up front with orange gently creeping in, followed up by thyme and pepper.

Finish: it fades into a warm and mellow finish, which with the flavours of clove and orange.


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