Burleighs Signature Classic London Dry Gin

70cl | 40.0% | United Kingdom
Burleighs Gin Manufacturer: Burleighs Gin
Reference: BURLONDRY

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Burleighs classic London dry gin are flavored with the best botanicals in the world to give a pleasantly round, crunchy and complex taste.
Handcrafted and authentic gins, produced and bottled in the heart of England, still using a beautiful copper still.
Our Signature classic London dry gin is flavored with 11 of the best plants in the world, including silver birch, dandelion, biennial thistle, elderberry and iris.
The nose is fresh and crunchy with hints of pine, eucalyptus and accentuated notes of fragrant citrus.
On the palate, a full-bodied and robust taste, with a marked initial note of dried juniper, followed by pine, eucalyptus and citrus.
Spicy and floral notes in the aftertaste.
The finish is long with hints of Parma violet, pine and eucalyptus, with warm and dry notes of pepper.

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