Burleighs Distiller's Cut Gin

70cl | 47.0% | United Kingdom
Burleighs Gin Manufacturer: Burleighs Gin
Reference: BURDISCUT
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Burleighs Distillers Cut Gin is an exceptionally crisp and fresh gin that showcases our Master Distillers craft. Using the same 11 botanicals as our Signature Gin in a different ratio, Jamie, has created Distillers Cut with a higher proportion of softer, sweeter, more floral ingredients making it perfectly suited to cocktails such as the Martinez (his personal favourite) and the Tom Collins.



Light, vibrant citrus followed by eucalyptus and bright juniper


Sweet, smooth, earthy juniper and violet. Mellow and smooth on the mid palate, candied citrus and aromatic spice


Floral and aromatic with hints of drying white pepper

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