Gin Martin Miller's 9 Moons - Barrel Rested

33cl | 40.0% | United Kingdom | Glass bottle
Manufacturer: Martin Miller's
Reference: BAGIMIL912
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The gin in 9 Moons comes from new French oak barrels. They have been filled with high strength Martin Miller’s Gin then aged for nine moon cycles, or circa nine months, in a barrel store in Borgarnes, Iceland. Then through a Solera Vat process of ageing and blending two different batches together, promises excellent consistency, whilst maintaining the complex and distinctive flavour profile.

Oak adds a slight vanilla sweetness to Martin Miller's 9 Moons Gin, that in turn enhances and amplifies the gin botanicals that lie behind the essential juniper. Citrus notes and some light oak in the finish.

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Gin Miller'S 9 Moons - Barrel Rested Gin 35Cl 40%

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