Blue Gin Vintage Dry

70cl | 43.0% | Austria | Glass bottle
Manufacturer: Reisetbauer
Reference: BAGIBLUA34

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Hans Reisetbauer began his obsession of distilling in 1994. On his family farm-house in Axberg, Austria he planted the first orchards from which he distilled his first Eau de Vie’s. The dedication and care for top quality fruits, distillation and innovation brought him Worldwide fame, and consequently brought his spirits to restaurants, to bars, to all corners of the globe.
On his constant search for the taste he decided to create a Gin that would demonstrate his vision of how Gin should really taste like. The Blue Gin Vintage Dry is a pot-still, small batch Gin, made with one of the softest waters around and produced from ‘Mulan’ wheat which is locally sourced. The first batch was made in 2006 where 50 different botanicals were used, but nowadays, with constant improvements, "just" 27 botanicals are used (the main one still being Juniper from Macedonia).   

Mr.R has a very strict method of production - he never uses heads or tails in the process of destillation - so the result is an extremely pure and smooth Gin.


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