Alpestre Amaro

70cl | 44.0% | Italy
Alpestre Manufacturer: Alpestre
Reference: BAAMALP34

It has a pleasant and perfumed taste of herbs. It is an absolutely natural and precious distillate that is best appreciated by sipping it, in small doses, from a glass that will enhance its olfactory and aromatic qualities and infuse all the beneficial virtues of purely distilled fresh herbs.

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Alpestre is an excellent digestive. It can be drank straight after a good meal, even warmed and is magnificent in coffee. Thanks to its relaxing properties, we advise it be drank lying down with water and honey, like a herbal tea in the evening before going to bed.

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Easy Order and delivery is perfect

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Pünktlich geliefert und super Verpackt.

Pünktlich geliefert und super Verpackt. Und das Produkt schmeckt auch.

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