Rossi D'Angera Amaro Lago Maggiore

70cl | 30.0% | Italy
Rossi D'Angera Manufacturer: Rossi D'Angera
Reference: BAAMANG34

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Thirty alpine herbs have always been collected among those that grow challenging the rogori of the peaks north of Varese. Thirty days of alcoholic maceration to extract all the aromatic principles and precious essence of the yarrow, star anise, gentian sage, lemon balm, wild mint, thyme and many others. Thirteen hours of slow distillation. Three months to rest in Angera, between the lake and the Alps, in oak barrels of Allier to give the liqueur that distinctive trait that makes it unique. Thirty alcohol, and can be an aperitif or digestive, smooth or on the rocks, the Amaro D'Angera.


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