Kauffman Hard Vodka

70cl | 40.0% | Russia | Gift Box
Manufacturer: Kauffman
Reference: BAWOKAUH34
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Kauffman Vodka Hard is an exclusive vodka from Russia with a very special reputation, which is distilled with love and dedication by Mark Kauffman, president the Whitehall Company. The ultra-clean bottlings of the house offer vodka enjoyment at the highest level without depriving the distillate of every soul and taste. The production process is carried out according to a special method developed for Kauffmann, very complex and unique. The wheat is obtained from specially selected and constantly controlled cultivated areas, limited in quantity in order to ensure a high quality. 


Nose: fresh grain that appears with a touch of finesse. 

Palate: very soft and supple, with a hint of mint, hops and pepper. 

Finish: fruity, with a hint of green clover. 

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