Kauffman Soft Vodka

70cl | 40.0% | Russia
Manufacturer: Kauffman
Reference: BAWOKAUS34
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Kept in a bottle that looks like a prototype of the Gherkin, this Kauffman Soft Private Collection has been distilled 14 times before being filtered twice, once through birch coal and then again through quartz. This version is named soft because of its mellow texture.

Kauffman is not simply a vodka, but above all a new idea of ​​vodka, enclosed in a bottle with an extraordinary design and a particular cap that becomes an integral part and perfect seal of a luxury product.

The first is Kauffman Soft Selected Vodka characterized by the typical taste of honey-based Vodkas, soft, round, with a slight hint of cherry.


Nose: delicate with pea and ginseng tones thanks to the traditional recipe that includes the tincture of this Japanese plant

Palate: full-bodied and fragrant with honey notes

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