Xellent Vodka

70cl | 40.0% | Svizzera
Manufacturer: Xellent
Reference: BAWOXEL34

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Xellent is a Swiss vodka made from "bread-quality" rye grown at altitudes of up to 800 metres. They use pure glacier water to dilute their triple-distilled spirit down to 40% abv.


Nose:  fruity, with cherry notes, stimulatingly nutty, slight rye flavour; mixture of perfectly blended fresh aromas

Palate:  elegant, well-balanced attack on the palate; first silky smooth and gentle notes of rye, then boiled cherry essence, followed by full-bodied and concentrated, slightly nutty rye flavour, producing a sophisticated bouquet full of character

Finish:  fruity, nutty, well-balanced interplay of acidity in a long-lasting finale


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