Xellent Swiss Edelweiss Gin

70cl | 40.0% | Svizzera
Manufacturer: Xellent
Reference: BAGIXEL34

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A Swiss gin, made with a base of high-quality rye grain spirit, seasoned with 25 botanicals including Edelweiss, woodruff, elderflower, lemon balm and lavender - the latter two are grown by Master Distiller Franz Huber himself! It's diluted down to 40% using pure glacier water from the heart of Switzerland. A highly fragrant, refreshing and herbal gin, very suited to enjoying neat.

Nose:: fresh to refreshing, with fragrances of citrus, floral aromas and fine hints of juniper berry

Palate: soft and mellow with spicy components

Finish: a touch of lemon balm, fresh


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