Macchia Red Vermouth with Myrtle

75cl | 17.0% | Italy | Glass bottle
Manufacturer: Macchia
Reference: BAMAMAC34

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The combination of selected Sardinian white and aromatic wines, fragrant herbs, myrtle leaves and berries and crystalline sugar generates a classic red vermouth.
The slow maturation in steel tanks gives the product a surprising garnet color with amber and violet reflections that elegantly accompanies the classic vinous olfactory imprint supported by hints of Mediterranean scrub and wild berries to the nose.
At the moment of tasting it releases all its elegance opening up in a light alcoholic embrace that is the prelude to a long and satisfying persistence rich in subtle spicy and bitter returns.
The nose captures the intense sensations of fresh myrtle, vanilla and citrus fruits, all wrapped in a delicate mantle of caramel.

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