Zedda Piras Mirto Monte Arcosu Rosso

70cl | 32.0% | Italy
Manufacturer: Zedda Piras
Reference: BALIMIRA34

Available: 8  |  Sold: 50

The precious berries and leaves of myrtle bushes growing spontaneously in the ancient woodlands of the Oasis at Monte Arcosu are meticulously selected and harvested by hand. Mirto Monte Arcosu Zedda Piras is made using traditional techniques in tandem with rigorous modern quality control systems. The berries and leaves naturally yield up their aromas and fragrances during unhurried infusion in alcohol. The solids are then removed and the liquid part continues its maturation. The final product is a unique white myrtle liqueur with subtly understated fragrances and an intense palate reminiscent of the heady aromas that the Maestrale wind wafts over the whole of Sardinia. An outstanding way to round off any meal, Monte Arcosu myrtle liqueur is at its superb best when savoured very cold in slightly frosted glasses.


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