Italicus - Rosolio Di Bergamotto

70cl | 20.0% | Italy
Italicus Manufacturer: Italicus
Reference: BALIITA34

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Italicus is a Rosolio di Bergamotto, an Italian beverage that celebrates the unique and refreshing aroma of bergamot. This exquisite creation is inspired by the Italian tradition of artisanal liqueurs and the historical figure of "bergamot," the citrus fruit native to the Calabria region in Italy. Italicus is crafted through a combination of Italian bergamot infusion and other selected botanical ingredients, giving rise to a sophisticated and balanced flavor profile. With notes of citrus, flowers, and spices, Italicus is appreciated for its versatility, from sipping neat with ice to being used in elegant cocktails. This bergamot liqueur embodies Italian elegance and the country's rich culinary tradition, making it a refined choice for lovers of quality spirits.


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