Celtic Gin FreshA

70cl | 37.5% | Spain
Pazo de Valdomiño Pazo de Valdomiño


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Gin Celtic FreshA is the result of a combination of situate our aromatic plants of Galicia with fresh strawberries.

The fusion of nature and the knowledge of the Castro Celts of Galicia, the Gin Celtic board the origins of the celts and the ancient traditions of distillers of Galicia and inspired by their ancient knowledge we can able to create a geneva perfect.

The Gin Celtic is ideal for the classic Gin & Tonic Gin or as part of any exceptional cocktail.

Ingredients: Juniper, orange, ginger, licorice, cardamom, nutmeg, heather, root of angelica, cinnamon, old man, laurel, verbena, lemon and tojo.

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