Masahiro Yuzu Gin

70cl | 47.0% | Japan
Masahiro distillery Manufacturer: Masahiro distillery
Reference: VDGIYUGI

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Produced in Miyazaki on a base of sweet potato shochu and typical ingredients of the region.
For the preparation of Yuzu Gin, two vintage cuvées of Beni Satsuma sweet potato shochu based are used. A great originality of Kyoya is coming from the fact that these shochus are fermented in traditional terracotta jars before distillation.

The flavors of this sweet potato, unique to Miyazaki, is combined with an ancient way of working, to give to the final product deep and delicate aromas, rarely found in conventional gins. The use of ingredients such as Yuzu, Sancho pepper, Ginger, Hyuganatsu Citrus and especially Citrus Hebess, a citrus variety native to Miyazaki, emphasizes this local character.
Typical Japanese flavors, unique, vivid, incomparable.


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