Clandestino Bitter

50cl | 22.0% | Italy
Mistico Speziale Manufacturer: Mistico Speziale
Reference: VDBITCLBI

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Inspired by a recipe dating back to the times of prohibition, Bitter Clandestino is a unique and versatile product, without colorings, preservatives or artificial flavors.
Handcrafted in small batches, through the natural maceration of selected botanicals in pure cereal alcohol and spring water, to create a balanced fusion of bitter and sweet notes.
In purity it is a delicate digestive bitter, with ice and orange peel it turns into an aperitif, mixed is the perfect bitter for the preparation of numerous cocktails.
The bittering notes of China, Assenzio, Angelica and Calamo aromatico go perfectly with the balsamic and oriental fragrances of cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg, to arrive at the sweeter and citrusy tones of orange and bergamot peel, accompanied by notes camomile and orange blossom flowers, with a long and pungent finish emphasized by timut pepper. Italians do it ... BITTER!


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