Yacuro Anejo Rum 5 years

70cl | 38.0% | Repubblica Dominicana
Rum Yacuro Manufacturer: Rum Yacuro
Reference: YACURO5

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Yacuro comes from the Dominican Republic, and is based on molasses from carefully selected sugarcane. According to the producer, Yacuro should be dominated by vanilla, coconut and dried fruit, with an underlying strength of barrels.

So it is nicely presented by themselves: a friendly but intense, well balanced, complex and elegant rum, when going into the mouth and leaving a lingering aftertaste.

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This authentic dark rum is handcrafted distilled from the purest and most selected sugar cane molasses.
Its charismatic and emblematic perfume, rich in history and tradition, transports you to the Caribbean island.
The distillation, with the traditional method, is slow and complex, making this rum well balanced, complex and elegant, with a
persistent aftertaste. Maturation and aging take place in oak barrels that give the rum nuances of vanilla,
cocoa with hints of dried fruit, a perfect and harmonious combination with an aroma provided by the same noble woods.

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