Akashi red Whisky

50cl | 40.0% | Japan
Manufacturer: Akashi
Reference: BAWHAKAR12

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Akashi Whisky is unique in the world as it is the only whisky produced under the supervision of a Toji, a grand master of sake making. This remarkable approach weaves traditional techniques of sake production into the whisky-making process, giving Akashi whisky an unparalleled depth and complexity.
Akashi Red Blended Whisky is produced by the White Oak Distillery (Eigashima Distillery) in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. This light and fruity whisky combines malt and grain whiskies to create a harmonious blend that is ideal for newcomers to the world of Japanese whisky.
This whisky is characterized by aromas of peaches, citrus fruits and grapes, complemented by a light almond note. This combination gives it a fresh and pleasant taste structure that is convincing both neat and in cocktails. The maturation in oak barrels contributes to the whisky's fine woody note, which rounds off the fruity profile.
The whisky is bottled at an alcohol content of 40%, making it an excellent choice for those looking for an approachable and versatile Japanese whisky.


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