Grappa Ceschia Ramandolo classic

70cl | 50.0% | Italy | Glass bottle
Manufacturer: Ceschia
Reference: BAGRRAM34

Presented in the traditional straw-wrapped bottle, to this day Grappa Ramandolo Classica follows Giacomo Ceschia’s original recipe, dedicated to drinkers seeking the most authentic epitome of Friulian grappa. Pomace from Ramandolo grapes is distilled in small batches in copper alembic steam boilers to produce this unique grappa, which goes on to be matured for three years.

This grappa offers an ideal combination of transparency and luminosity. Its taste is dry, strong and full-bodied, characteristic qualities of the Friulian grappas. 

The bouquet consists of definite floral and fruity hints such as wisteria, elder and red berry fruits, with bitter almond in the finale. Serve at 12-14 °C.

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