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Kuro Gin Manufacturer: Kuro Gin
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A Gin inspired by Japan.

A unique spirit born while skiing in the Hakuba Valley, a region of Japan, which aims to capture all the essence of the Japanese Alps through the complex combination of 12 botanicals.

KURO Gin is distilled in a 300 liter copper still and produced in small batches.
The result is an incredibly smooth gin with alpine notes.
Its botanicals are unique in the genre where the Bamboo that gives earthiness and dryness is the note of novelty.
Silver Birch Bark Releasing Oils for a soft, creamy palate sensation.
Pine needles, give an intriguing persistent alpine freshness.
Coriander, provides a clean, citric and slightly floral aroma.
Orange, provides an explosion of citrus freshness.
Iris, the sweet and floral scent helps to fix the botanicals.
Nutmeg, adds spicy and warm notes.
Ginepr, or,: the essential component.
Angelica, provides dryness with herbaceous tones.
Lemon, releases an intense citrus scent.
Licorice adds a slight sweetness.
Cinnamon, offers a warm and earthy base.

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