Giniu Gin

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Manufacturer: Silvio Carta
Reference: BAGIGIN34

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Immediately after the war, from 1946 onwards an intense distillation activity developed in Sardinia.
In the area, the most representative products were distilled in terms of quantity and quality: Vernaccia grape, Vernaccia wine and juniper galbuli. The distillate obtained was intended for both commerce and self-consumption. In the sale of the product, names were immediately sought to identify the product but which could not be traced back to the product obtained from clandestine distillation by the supervisory bodies. The pomace distillate was named filu 'e ferru, the distillate of wine abbardenti, the distillate of juniper Giniu, from the name of the juniper plant which in Sardinian is called giniperu. The "commercialization" of Giniu lasted until the early sixties, then it was abandoned because it was much simpler and more practical to distil the wine or the pomace, in addition to the fact that they were more sought after. In 2013 Elio considered it correct to call the distillate of the galbuli of juniper plants, a very high quality product considered one of the best 10 Italian Gin, Giniu in honor of the ancient tradition.


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