GOLD 999,9 Gin

70cl | 40.0% | France | Glass bottle
Manufacturer: Gold 999,9
Reference: BAGIGOL34

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Gin Gold 999.9 , in its shiny gold bottle, definitely sets itself apart from its competitors, both visually and in the way it is produced. Made in Alsace, on the eastern border of France, this unique product is worthy of its name. This truly excellent spirit uses juniper, tangerine, violets, gentian violets, poppies, ginger, coriander, cassia, almonds, vanilla, and angelica root as the botanicals for this excellent product. Powerful and smooth, this is a must-try for any gin lover out there.

This is the only gin in the world that can say it has been distilled in a gold pot still. Such a special still deserves to be used to produce a special recipe. Gin Gold 999.9 will take your palate on an adventure.


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