VII Hills Italian Dry Gin

70cl | 43.0% | Italy | Glass bottle
Manufacturer: VII Hill's
Reference: BAGISEV34

Available: 12  |  Sold: 12

VII Hills pay homage to Italy in all its essence. Using italian materials and botanicals sourced from the italian territory, VII Hills want to offer an authentic italian experience, delivering an authentic taste of Italy with each bottle.
VII Hills italian dry gin is distilled in Moncalieri, near Torino, a famous region known for the production of wines and vermouths. using only botanicals and materials from Italy, the master blenders deliver the authentic “spirito italiano” to each bottle of VII Hills.
To achieve the unique italian flavour and body, VII Hills is distilled in vacuum pot stills at a low temperature, which maintain the smooth and rich flavours of the botanicals. Each of the seven botanicals was used by the romans for their medical and culinary purposes.


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