Brandy Stravecchio Branca

100cl | 38.0% | Italy
Branca Manufacturer: Branca
Reference: BABRSTRA11

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Brandy characterized by a warm and enveloping taste, with a complex and long-lived body; it does not fear time thanks to the permanence in oak barrels, which is the crucial phase of production, in a skilful amalgam of wines ranging from a minimum of three to a maximum of ten years. One third of the blend always remains inside the barrel, exactly as happens in the solera method and this is precisely the characteristic that gives new taste-olfactory sensations every time.
Very bright and intense amber yellow color, with golden reflections.
The nose has multiple sensations of dried figs, apricot and dates, along with floral hints of broom and orange blossom in a background of sweet spices and butter, cinnamon and vanilla.
The palate is refined, in perfect balance between the sweetness of the fruit and the alcohol, full of returns of aromatic herbs, in a dry, clean and sincere finish that invites you to taste again.


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