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From the notes found containing the secret recipes of the past on the methods of production of some liqueurs, the idea of giving life to Fundeghera 1939 was born, a project that celebrates the creativity of Natale Mario, great-grandfather of Luca and Mattia.
So the two young men decided to recreate the products that Natale Mario, when he was a simple innkeeper, would have tasted to the most trusted customers of the historic Fundeghera in Via Marconi in Ossona, a small town a few kilometers from Milan.
On Sunday, exclusively for a few very dear friends, Natale Mario would gladly open his wine shop to discover the scents and flavours to which his customers were not accustomed during the week, and which he himself studied and created in the laboratory in front of the shop.
Today, after eighty years and three generations, Luca and Mattia recover all the secrets of their great-grandfather and begin a great work of research and experimentation that becomes in 2018 a real business project.
This is how the first three creatures were reborn, wisely thought of as early as 1939: the Vermut Riserva Natale Mario, a fortified wine with great character, brilliant and amber tones, but also patient, well-kept and balanced. With its hazelnut reflections it immediately conquers the eyes and palates, just like Natale Mario did at the opening of his Fundeghera.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items