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  • About Ten Bitter Tenace
    2094 € In Stock

    70cl | 25.0%

    Tenace Bitter is created from 16 of the most fascinating herbs, spices, holes and citrus macerated individually in a distillate of pure wheat flavored with juniper.We keep the notes "balsamic / spicy" choosing them from our most used spices in order to "warm up" the tasteCitrus fruits, all Italian, have been used to refresh the bitter / spicy notes of...

    2094 €
  • Eccentrico Liquore fava tonka
    2190 € In Stock

    70cl | 20.0%

    Eccentric is a new all-Italian liqueur made using Tonka's precious beans.

    2190 €
  • The Greedy Gin
    4790 € In Stock

    70cl | 43.0%

    The tradition of an English distillery together with the pure Italian fancy. The Greedy Gin comes from the idea to create a scented gin, expressing citrus, floral and balsamic sensations. One of a kind, The Greedy Gin is a very soft alcohol-based gin, with long-lasting taste. The Greedy Gin is gluttonous. 18 different botanicals from all over the world

    4790 €
  • Cinico cinnamom liqueur
    1920 € In Stock

    70cl | 20.0%

    Cinico is an Italian liqueur that comes from the separate infusion of three different spices in an alcoholic base. Ideal drunk straight, it connotes itself as a pleasant and different liqueur to conclude a dinner with friends. The three spices are perfectly balanced managing to create three moments on the palate of those who taste it. The central taste of...

    1920 €
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items