Jack Daniel's Honey Whisky

100cl | 35.0% | United States
Jack Daniel's Manufacturer: Jack Daniel's
Reference: BAWHJACH11
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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, introduced in 2011, is crafted with world-renowned Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. The whiskey is mingled with a proprietary honey liqueur resulting in a unique, smooth offering. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey brings together two complementary tastes in a new way. The quality and character of Tennessee Honey is in keeping with the Jack Daniel’s tradition. The flavor characteristics of honey greatly complement Jack Daniel’s uniquely smooth charcoal-mellowed character. With hints of honey and other natural flavors creating a complex taste profile, the product is unlike any other offering in the honey category. Serve chilled straight or in drinks with other mixers like lemonade, tea or ginger ale.

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