TestaCoda Navy Strength Gin

70cl | 57.0% | Italy
TestaCoda Gin TestaCoda Gin


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TestaCoda in its “Navy Strength” version uses the same botanicals ( used to produce the Botanical 46%) but in different quantities and the same production method, London Dry.

The difference is also in the alcohol content which is 57%. The lower dilution not only changes the alcohol volume, but the same gin itself, especially also in its taste, which amplifies most of the botanicals inside.

The flavours are clearer and more decisive, and the extra alcohol levels are absolutely not perceived on the palate thanks to the use of organic wheat alcohol.

From the aromatic point of view, a citrusy gin taste is predominant (thanks to orange and lemon pulps) but with much more pronounced peppery and spicy hints, as well as the taste of juniper.

To be enjoyed alone or with Indian tonic water.

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