TestaCoda Botanical Gin

70cl | 46.0% | Italy
TestaCoda Gin TestaCoda Gin


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Testacoda is an unconventional gin.

Totally organic, perfectly balanced between the sweet and spicy notes coming from its botanics, this gin preserves the characteristic juniper note.

Testacoda finds its origins from an idea of ​​three friends.

Thanks to the great passion for this spirit, its creators aimed to interpret the recipe in their own way, the result is a gin with marked strokes and full-bodied aromas that remain well-impressed from the first taste.

Testacoda is a citrusy Bio Botanical gin in which the juniper, with its unique note, accompanies and enhances the other eight botanics in a perfect aromatic balance.

In the sensorial path, outlined by its top-quality ingredients, we are immediately surprised by the orange sweetness and the sharp taste of the two pepper qualities that blend creating fascinating contrasts.

These flavours finally blend into intense and balanced grand finale thanks to the botanical mix that integrate and enriches this recipe.

Testacoda is perfect to be tasted alone and as a base for refined cocktails.

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