Nunquam Rosso Vermouth

70cl | 16.0% | Italy
Manufacturer: Nunquam Opificio
Reference: BAVENURO34
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Produced using traditional methods with the help of twenty different types of herbs (aromatic and medicinal) and spices and peels of citrus fruits pounded in a mortar and macerated with neutral alcohol and white wine into ?macerator? stainless steel for several days . During the maceration, the better to extract oils and essences are carried daily pumping. Then, the transfer (to remove the solid parts), the addition of a syrup made with sugar and wine, and aging for 4-5 days in suitable local. Followed by a slow craft filtration, bottling, labeling and manual a short aging in the bottle into the cellar.

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The view is clear, color drain garnet tending to orange. The nose is very intense, persistent, fine, broad, with blackcurrant fruity aromas, bitter orange and macerated blackberries, mountain hay, field dried flowers and chamomile, caramel and mild tamarind. The taste is sweet in a balanced, very fruity, warm, with a pleasant bitter vein, full and continuous. Aftertaste: bitter vein and fruity notes, vegetable and spicy.

Ingredients: White wine, alcohol, caramel (150a) spices, sugar, citrus peel and medicinal plants

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