Nunquam White Vermouth SB 1737

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Nunquam Opificio


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Elder brother of White Vermouth from Prato, it is probably also the forerunner of Vermouth in general. It born as flavored wine produced at year end to be tasted during the festive season.
The view is clear, pale amber color The nose is very intense, persistent, with herbaceous and fruity scents. The taste is sweet in a balanced, very fruity, warm, with a pleasant bitter aftertaste of the right persistence.
The original recipe was written down in 1737 by Stefano Buonamici who was a member of a noble family of Prato, also related to Galileo Galilei, and who delighted in collecting drink recipes use of those times.
After a careful historical research / teaching lasted several years, Fabio managed to retrieve the recipe and put on the market in 2007 the first bottle of this excellent white vermouth.

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Is produced manually with great Tuscan white wine with spices and medicinal plants biodynamic or biological as secular tradition

?It is said that the first Italian to call Vermouth this type of flavored wine was
Cosimo Villifranchi in its ?Oenology Tuscany or both Memory on the wines?
printed in Florence in 1773 and awarded by the Academy of Georgofili.
In 1786 (in Turin) Benedetto Carpano gave the green light to the industrialization of liquor
spreading it everywhere fame take him.
But the recipes of Stefano Buonamici is prior to, not subsequent to 1737 definitely.
This is considered a date ante quem, because if you do not test the Tuscan origin, or rather the Prato, the spread of Vermouth, attests the presence four decades before the Italian name. ?
(Source: Recipes for ?bon vivants? in eighteenth-century archives of the Buonamici family
Elizabeth Faldi)

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