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  • M5 Gin Premium
    6600 € In Stock

    M5 Gin Premium

    70cl | 48.0%

    Gin M5 is the result of the combination of 6 distillations and 26 hand-picked botanicals, to obtain a gin with character, elegant and exclusive and with a complex aroma and flavor.In selecting the botanical mix to develop M5, not only were the best aromas and flavors characteristic of each plant sought, but also those that have an added value for...

    6600 €
  • BBB BItter
    4600 € In Stock

    BBB BItter

    50cl | 22.0%

    A soft nuance waving from sweet to bitter, touching fresh fruits’ and essential oils’ notes, from the best biological Italian citrus fruits.The wide range of rare botanicals and extremely selected spices, infused in white biological wine of extraordinary intensity, give life to Baldo’s Bitter personal interpretation.The BBB 2016 soft colour opens in a...

    4600 €
  • Gin Sicilian INSULÆ
    3782 € In Stock

    Gin Sicilian INSULÆ

    50cl | 42.0%

    TASTE THE ESSENCE, TASTE THE SICILY.This exclusive gin embodies the spirit of Sicily and of the Mediterranean.A balanced blend of herbes and spices - including Lemon of Syracuse, sweet and bitter orange of Catania and Mandarin " Tardivo" of Ciaculli; Carob of Ragusa; Sesame of Ispica, Pistachio of Bronte and Almond of Noto; Jasmine. These botanicals give...

    3782 €
  • Malfy Gin
    2980 € In Stock

    Malfy Gin

    70cl | 41.0%

    Gin from Italy distilled with juniper, lemons from the italian coast and five other botanicals.

    2980 €
  • Naranji Amaro
    1800 € In Stock

    Naranji Amaro

    50cl | 28.0%

    The Amaro Naranji is the union between mint, bitter oranges, organic blond tarot oranges and a mix of aromatic herbs. Perfect balance that has its origins in an ancient secret recipe of 1900. It is a perfect digestive and an irreplaceable ally in the world of mixology. The bitter can be appreciated both at room temperature where it enhances the...

    1800 €
  • Fred Jerbis Gin 43 4CL
    1200 € In Stock

    Fred Jerbis Gin 43 4CL

    4cl | 43.0%

    An original gin: 43 degrees and 43 botanicals.Inspired by a secret recipe of 1946, this gin is crafted in all its phases and uses only Italian ingredients.Produced in Friuli, with great care and in limited quantities, in order to offer an inimitable flavor. A distinctive gin, with a straw yellow color, rich in perfumes and hints, firstly of herbs and...

    1200 €
  • Mor Tullamore Irish Gin
    700 € In Stock

    Mor Tullamore Irish Gin 5CL

    5cl | 40.0%

    Earthy root botanicals, subtle florals and vivid raspberry notes come together to create a new breed of Gin. The sharp sweetness of Juniper and angelica root meet citrus sharpness of corriander, all lightly graced by floral notes of Rosemary and Slieve Bloom mountain water. Pure in taste and bold in simple flavours, Mór is the gin lover’s gin.

    700 €
  • Whisky Jameson
    450 € In Stock

    Jameson Irish Whisky 5CL

    5cl | 40.0%

    Nel 1780, John Jameson ha messo a punto una tecnica di produzione dellâIrish whiskey a cui noi ci atteniamo diligentemente e orgogliosamente ancora oggi.Come puoi immaginare, produrre un Irish whiskey blended che incontra i favori degli appassionati da oltre due secoli non è cosa da poco.Ma non preoccuparti, siamo riusciti a condensare più di 200 anni...

    450 €
  • Tovel's Gin 5CL
    610 € In Stock

    Tovel's Gin 5CL

    5cl | 45.0%

    Some of the ingredients to make this Italian gin are: juniper, elderflower, cumin seeds, gentian root, pinus mugo, angelica root, lemon peel and Fraxinus ash. During processing, which gives it that unique mild flavor is infused steam the same experience.

    610 €
    854 € In Stock

    Gin Ginepraio Bio 5CL

    5cl | 45.0%

    Ginepraio is the London Dry Gin organic speaking in Tuscany. It is born of the collaboration between Levante Spirits and Distillerie Deta. We've given him life by means of a discontinuous copper ambush that we affectionately call Lapo.In his baptism, we were inspired by the old adage "casting into a chinpowder" (also referred to as vocabulary label),...

    854 €
  • Unicorn Tears Gin Blackberry
    1450 € In Stock

    Unicorn Tears Gin Blackberry 5CL

    5cl | 40.0%
    United Kingdom

    They keep crying, we keep bottling it. But why did this particular batch of Unicorn Tears turn out black? No, they're not miserable, it's all of the blackberries we've been feeding them! Turns out our mythical steeds can't get enough of them. We don't mind, all of those tart, juicy blackberries make their tears even more delicious.Don't worry, they're...

    1450 €
  • Unicorn Tears Gin Raspberry
    1450 € Out of stock

    Unicorn Tears Gin Raspberry 5CL

    5cl | 40.0%
    United Kingdom

    This magical gin liqueur is bursting with the tart sweetness of succulent raspberries, expertly teamed up with tangy citrus, spicy juniper berries and subtle notes of liquorice to deepen the flavour and keep gin connoisseurs guessing.Disappointed beyond consolation with their sad succulent raspberry meal plan, our unicorns cried rare extra-potent pink...

    1450 €
    Out of stock
  • Gin Unicorn Tears
    1450 € In Stock

    Gin Unicorn Tears 5CL

    5cl | 40.0%
    United Kingdom

    Unicorn Gin contiene vere lacrime di Unicorno. Creato in un allevamento segreto di Unicorni utilizzando un metodo di estrazione altamente controllato in attesa di brevetto. Nel secondo lotto, è stata perfezionata e migliorata la tecnologia di raccolta delle emozioni, ottenendo un'esperienza di gin dolceamaro e un aspetto scintillante iridescente che...

    1450 €
  • Boatyard Old Tom GIn
    830 € In Stock

    GIn Boatyard Double 5CL

    5cl | 46.0%
    Northern Ireland

    L' Old Tom Gin di Boatyard viene realizzato a partire dal Doube Boatyard Gin e riposa per un minimo di 4 mesi traendo colori e sapori dalle botti, quindi viene aggiunto miele di Fermanagh.Boatyard Old Tom Gin ha note di scorze di limoni candite, vaniglia e spezie alla cannella, con un finale di setoso. Leggermente più dolce di London Dry ma più secco dei...

    830 €
  • Boatyard Double Gin
    830 € In Stock

    GIn Boatyard Double 5CL

    5cl | 46.0%
    Northern Ireland

    Il Gin Boatyard Double viene prodotto da frumento coltivato biologicamente, macerato 18 ore con 8 diverse botaniche. La straordinaria freschezza del ginepro è il risultato del processo di doppia distillazione unico utilizzato nella distilleria di Boatyard Gin. Leggero ed elegante al palato, le note floreali sono bilanciate dalla dolcezza della radice di...

    830 €
  • Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin 5CL
    800 € In Stock

    Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin 5CL

    5cl | 47.0%

    Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin ist ein deutscher Gin aus der Schwarzwald. 47% ABV für 47 Pflanzenstoffe, Wasser des Waldes, doppelte Destillation und Alterung in Terrakotta-Behältern. Keine endgültige Filterung: Dies sind die Zutaten für diesen erstaunlichen Gin. Verkostung: Nase: holzig, pflanzlich riecht unter stiftfrischen, grasigen Zitrusnoten und...

    800 €
  • Giass Milano London Dry Gin
    948 € In Stock

    Giass Gin Milano London Dry 10CL

    10cl | 42.0%

    La ricetta di Giass Gin si basa su diciotto botaniche che esprimono un ampio bouquet. La base classica è costituita da bacche di ginepro, semi di coriandolo e radice di angelica. Le note fruttate sono date dalla mela Golden e dalla scorza di arancia essiccata. Quelle floreali dai petali di rosa, fiori di camomilla, violetta, arancio e carcadè. Le note...

    948 €
  • Bombay Sapphire Gin 5CL
    300 € In Stock

    Bombay Sapphire Gin 5CL

    5cl | 40.0%
    United Kingdom

    Bombay Sapphire gin contains 10 exotic botanicals, including: Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds, Liquorice Root, Almonds, Lemon Peel, Cassia Bark, Orris Root, Angelica Root, Cubeb Berries, Grains of Paradise. Tasting: Nose: intense with citric, juniper and almond notes Palate: dry and fresh

    300 €
  • Beefeater Gin 24 5CL
    300 € In Stock

    Beefeater Gin 24 5CL

    5cl | 45.0%
    United Kingdom

    Beefeater 24 takes a complex blend of 12 botanicals including grapefruit peel and Japanese and Chinese Green Teas, and infuses them in spirit for 24 hours to create a richer and more sophisticated gin.

    300 €
  • Gin Beefeater 5CL
    300 € In Stock

    Gin Beefeater 5CL

    5cl | 40.0%
    United Kingdom

    Still made in London to the founder James Burrough's original recipe of 9 botanicals featuring bold juniper, zesty Seville Orange and Lemon Peel, Desmond Payne - the world's most experienced master distiller - oversees a bold and distinct gin that sets the standard for London Dry Gins

    300 €
  • Gin Mare
    1330 € In Stock

    Mare Mediterranean Gin 10CL

    10cl | 42.7%

    Gin Mare is a Mediterranean Gin flavored with four main botanists: basil, thyme, rosemary and the most unusual of all is the Arbequina olive.Together with juniper, cardamom and citrus fruits these different vegetables create a gin with the typical aromas and memories of the Mediterranean coasts. From the first sip you will always know when you are...

    1330 €
  • Gin Burleighs Marylin Ed.
    4392 € In Stock

    Burleighs Gin Marylin Ed.

    70cl | 40.0%
    United Kingdom

    Pink in appearance, the Marilyn Monroe Gin is a floral and delicate creation distilled with Japanese cherry blossom, hibiscus, rose and pink grapefruit. The bottle design features iconic images of Marilyn Monroe including the legendary “white dress” photo.Distilled in a beautiful copper pot still, the careful sourcing of ingredients and the great skill of...

    4392 €
  • Major Dry Gin
    4180 € In Stock

    Major Dry Gin

    70cl | 42.0%

    The world tour in a glass and in a Lake.One says Dry Gin and immediately you think of London.But this Dry Gin is made on Lake Maggiore.One says Lemons and the Mediterranean sea, the Amal Coast and Sicily come to mind.But he Lemons we use to give scent to this Dry Gin are picked in a historical citrus grove in Cannero Riviera right here on Lake...

    4180 €
  • Blue Gin Matured Lim. Ed.
    6800 € In Stock

    Blue Gin Matured Lim. Ed.

    70cl | 51.0%

    The Austrian Spirits wizard Hans Reisetbauer began his obsession with distilling in 1994. The dedication and care for top quality fruits, distillation and innovation brought him fame and adoration from fans and critics all over the world. The Austrian spring water is naturally soft, which means it is a proper bedrock for Spirits production.He is on a...

    6800 €
  • GrapeHeart Amarone Gin
    3900 € In Stock

    GrapeHeart Amarone Gin

    50cl | 40.0%

    Heart of Amarone!At the end of the harvest, the hills of Valpolicella are dressed in amber and smell of must.These colors and aromas inspire GrapeHeart Gin, whose botanicals have been selected from the plants and flowers that surround the vines.The vineyard is the heart of this elegant and refined Compound Gin.An innovative production technique allows...

    3900 €
  • Gin Testa Coda London Dry
    4210 € In Stock

    TestaCoda Botanical Gin

    70cl | 46.0%

    Testacoda is an unconventional gin. Totally organic, perfectly balanced between the sweet and spicy notes coming from its botanics, this gin preserves the characteristic juniper note. Testacoda finds its origins from an idea of ​​three friends. Thanks to the great passion for this spirit, its creators aimed to interpret the recipe in their own way, the...

    4210 €
  • NONA June
    3294 € In Stock

    NONA June

    70cl | 0.0%

    NONA June, the uncompromising non-alcoholic cocktail experience.You shouldn't compromise on flavor and experience when looking for a non-alcoholic alternative. That's why NINTH June.NONA, nine in Latin, refers to the nine botanical products distilled individually. 'June' refers to the juniper berry, also the main component of gin.A complex distillation...

    3294 €
  • Vermouth San Bernabè Gran Reserva Red 1L
    1830 € In Stock

    Vermouth San Bernabè Gran Reserva Red 1L

    100cl | 15.0%

    San Bernabé Gran Reserva is a Vermouth Produced according to a family recipe since 1963, with 75% of white wine of at least three vintages, of the Macabeo, Grenache and Malvasía aromatic varieties, enriched with sweetened alcohol of agricultural origin and toasted caramel. macerated with various botanicals, including absinthe, cinnamon, cloves, licorice,...

    1830 €
  • Gin Tarsier Oriental Pink
    4560 € In Stock

    Gin Tarsier Oriental Pink

    70cl | 40.0%
    United Kingdom

    4560 €
  • Gin Kuro Cherry Blossom
    3780 € In Stock

    Gin Kuro Cherry Blossom

    50cl | 40.0%
    United Kingdom

    3780 €
  • Gin kuro Soft Peach
    3890 € In Stock

    Gin kuro Soft Peach

    50cl | 40.0%
    United Kingdom

    3890 €
  • Grappa Nardini Ginepro
    2747 € In Stock

    Grappa Nardini Ginepro

    100cl | 50%

    2747 €
  • Gin Roundhouse
    3450 € Out of stock

    Gin Roundhouse

    70cl | 47%
    United States

    3450 €
    Out of stock
  • The London No 1 Gin 4.5L
    31000 € In Stock

    The London No 1 Gin 4.5L

    450cl | 47.0%
    United Kingdom

    31000 €
  • Gin Siderit
    3939 € Out of stock

    Gin Siderit

    70cl | 43%

    3939 €
    Out of stock
  • Gin Tanqueray 1L
    2620 € In Stock

    Gin Tanqueray 1L

    100cl | 43.0%
    United Kingdom

    Tanqueray Gin was created by the founder of the brand, Charles Tanqueray in 1830 and is still made with the original recipe. The iconic bottle is inspired by the shaker, while the frieze on the back represents the family crest where the pineapple also appears: a symbol of hospitality in early 19th century England. This London Dry Gin is distilled 4 times...

    2620 €
  • Gin Right
    4298 € Out of stock

    Gin Right

    70cl | 40%

    4298 €
    Out of stock
  • Gin Port Of Dragons Dry
    4226 € Out of stock

    Gin Port Of Dragons Dry

    70cl | 40%

    4226 €
    Out of stock
  • Gin Mombasa Magnum
    9790 € In Stock

    Gin Mombasa Magnum

    200cl | 41.5%

    9790 €
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