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    Il Bergamotto Calabro é realizzato con Bergamotto biologico di Calabria, in gennaio i frutti freschi vengono lavati e sbucciati, la scorza profumata viene quindi immersa in alcool per la macerazione, i frutti invece vengono immediatamente spremuti ed il succo aggiunto all’essenza alcoolica di base. É il primo liquore di Bergamotto che prevede nella...

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    Tanqueray Number 10 o come amichevolmente chiamato Tanqueray Ten, viene prodotto in piccoli lotti con quadrupla distillazione ed annovera tra le botaniche utilizzate il lime, il ginepro e l'angelica. L'originalit? dei suoi profumi risiede nell'utilizzo di agrumi freschi e non in bucce essiccate. Il primo lotto venne prodotto nell'anno 2000.

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    Dark outside yet light within. Sweet yet delightfully refreshing. The richness of Frangelico is rooted in its origins. Made from the aromatic Tonda Gentile hazelnuts found in the Italian region of Piedmont, they are combined with coffee, cocoa and vanilla distillate and extracts for a sweet yet balanced golden elixir that can be enjoyed in any season and...

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    For the first time in its 200-year history, Tanqueray has launched a new variety of gins on the market.This innovative product is dedicated to the city of Seville, and during its creation process a research by the Big Data was conducted, with the aim of discovering the predominant color ranges in the most recognizable points of the Andalusian capital.The...

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    Distilled as tradition would dictate, in copper stilled fueled by traditional wood burners, it is produced from a base of juniper berries fresh from the Maritime Alps. Bontanicals: Angelica root, Coriander, Occitan Juniper, orange and wild mountain Thyme hand picked over 2000 meter hight Tasting: Wonderfully perfumed with weighty base notes adding body...

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    Ordesano, family-owned company founded in 2009, is located in the charming village of Broto, located in the Pyrenees and surrounded by beautiful countryside at the foot of the National Park Ordesa and Monte Perdido, in the Aragon region.In these idyllic landscapes the local flora provides the perfect ingredients to produce Gin Premium Ordesano, made with...

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    Award-winning Broker?s Gin is a super-premium London Dry Gin. Five-times distilled from a spirit using English wheat, it is handcrafted in a traditional copper pot still in a 200-year-old gin distillery in the heart of England. The recipe uses ten natural botanicals from around the world.

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    Bulldog Gin is an London Dry Gin that is distilled in England and was launched on the market in 2006. It performs four distillations carried out following the traditional method and is the first gin to combine exotic ingredients such as wild poppy, dragon eye and Lotus leaves, with a long list of botanical ingredients from four continents (juniper, lemon,...

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    Elder brother of White Vermouth from Prato, it is probably also the forerunner of Vermouth in general. It born as flavored wine produced at year end to be tasted during the festive season.The view is clear, pale amber color The nose is very intense, persistent, with herbaceous and fruity scents. The taste is sweet in a balanced, very fruity, warm, with a...

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    Eccentric is a new all-Italian liqueur made using Tonka's precious beans.

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