Stravecchio Branca Magna Mater Brandy

70cl | 38.0% | Italy
Branca Manufacturer: Branca
Reference: BABRSTRAM34
Valutazione: Finora nessuna recensione.

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Botte Madre di Stravecchio Branca, Magna Mater is born, a unique limited edition wine distillate, the result of the selection of 7 fine spirits preserved after a long aging in oak barrels.

Magna Mater, which comes in refined black satin glass bottles, has a dark amber color with golden reflections.

The scent is enveloping, decisive and persistent, with hints of oak and notes of vanilla. The taste is warm, decisive and full-bodied, with nuances of toasted shells and an intense hint of vanilla; the aftertaste confers a prolonged gustatory satisfaction.

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