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  • Gin Sicilian INSULÆ
    3782 € In Stock

    Gin Sicilian INSULÆ

    50cl | 42.0%

    TASTE THE ESSENCE, TASTE THE SICILY.This exclusive gin embodies the spirit of Sicily and of the Mediterranean.A balanced blend of herbes and spices - including Lemon of Syracuse, sweet and bitter orange of Catania and Mandarin " Tardivo" of Ciaculli; Carob of Ragusa; Sesame of Ispica, Pistachio of Bronte and Almond of Noto; Jasmine. These botanicals give...

    3782 €
  • Malfy Gin
    2980 € In Stock

    Malfy Gin

    70cl | 41.0%

    Gin from Italy distilled with juniper, lemons from the italian coast and five other botanicals.

    2980 €
  • Major Dry Gin
    4180 € In Stock

    Major Dry Gin

    70cl | 42.0%

    The world tour in a glass and in a Lake.One says Dry Gin and immediately you think of London.But this Dry Gin is made on Lake Maggiore.One says Lemons and the Mediterranean sea, the Amal Coast and Sicily come to mind.But he Lemons we use to give scent to this Dry Gin are picked in a historical citrus grove in Cannero Riviera right here on Lake...

    4180 €
  • GrapeHeart Amarone Gin
    3900 € In Stock

    GrapeHeart Amarone Gin

    50cl | 40.0%

    Heart of Amarone!At the end of the harvest, the hills of Valpolicella are dressed in amber and smell of must.These colors and aromas inspire GrapeHeart Gin, whose botanicals have been selected from the plants and flowers that surround the vines.The vineyard is the heart of this elegant and refined Compound Gin.An innovative production technique allows...

    3900 €
  • Gin Testa Coda London Dry
    4210 € In Stock

    TestaCoda Botanical Gin

    70cl | 46.0%

    Testacoda is an unconventional gin. Totally organic, perfectly balanced between the sweet and spicy notes coming from its botanics, this gin preserves the characteristic juniper note. Testacoda finds its origins from an idea of ​​three friends. Thanks to the great passion for this spirit, its creators aimed to interpret the recipe in their own way, the...

    4210 €
  • Gin Agricolo Nimiun
    3890 € Out of stock

    Gin Agricolo Nimium

    70cl | 47.0%

    A dry gin, with a slightly citrusy scent that is softened by floral essences that make it slightly bitter.The color of Gin Nimium changes when it comes in contact with tonic water, becoming purple and enhancing the fragrance of the botanicals used. Suitable for the preparation of floral cocktails with a sure scenic effect that will not fail to surprise....

    3890 €
    Out of stock
  • Gin Kapriol Sloe
    3660 € Out of stock

    Gin Kapriol Sloe

    70cl | 28.7%

    3660 €
    Out of stock
  • Kapriol Dry Gin
    2095 € In Stock

    Kapriol Monte Pelmo Gin

    50cl | 41.7%

    2095 €
  • Gin Kapriol Dry 50Cl 41,7%
    3500 € In Stock
  • Kapriol Dry Gin
    3500 € In Stock
  • Kapriol Dry Gin
    3500 € In Stock
  • GinArte D
    4026 € In Stock

    Ginarte Dry Gin

    70cl | 43.5%

    As the artist creates his work, so is Ginarte. Fruit of intuition, skill and skill in the use of materials. A gin produced with artisan care. Distilled from wild juniper berries that are born only on the Tuscan Apennines. Particularly aromatic and therefore able to give life to a unique taste.

    4026 €
  • Tabar Gin Casoni
    4375 € In Stock

    Gin Tabar

    70cl | 45.0%

    Tabar is distilled in Finale Emilia, in the Lower Modena area, with an ancient technique, as is the history of the Casoni factory.The unique mixture of juniper berries is heated to 60 ° and left to infuse for 3 days before being distilled in discontinuous steel stills.The minimum possible heating makes it possible to obtain the purest heart of the juniper...

    4375 €
  • Gin Vallombrosa
    4090 € In Stock

    Gin Vallombrosa Dry

    70cl | 47.0%

    4090 €
  • Gin Wapping
    1074 € Out of stock

    Gin Wapping

    100cl | 38.0%

    1074 €
    Out of stock
  • Primo Gin
    4620 € In Stock

    Primo Gin

    70cl | 43.0%

    Il sapore della Romagna sapientemente distillato e racchiuso in un gin fresco e brioso.

    4620 €
  • Kapriol Old Tom Gin
    2460 € In Stock

    Kapriol Old Tom Gin

    50cl | 41.7%

    Kapriol Old Tom Gin was born at the end of 2015 after two years of research and experimentation aimed at reproducing the ancient Kapriol classic recipe, transforming it into a true gin. The latter, in fact, is a typical mountain liquor that since 1948 is produced according to an ancient process combining a distilled component obtained from the major gin...

    2460 €
  • Aqua Luce Navy Stenght Gin
    5100 € In Stock

    Aqua Luce Navy Stenght Gin

    70cl | 57.0%

    In Aqva Lvce Navy Stenght Gin, the juniper is left to infuse at room temperature for 2 weeks and then a first didistillation phase begins in old 100-liter copper 1947 alembics. The product is then stripped three times in order to dissolve the aromatic intensity of the distillate. A similar process takes place for other botanicals except for hops, laurel...

    5100 €
  • Fred Jerbis Gin Single Barrel
    4010 € In Stock

    Fred Jerbis Gin Single Barrel

    70cl | 43.0%

    It is a simple but singular gin, flavored with only seven botanicals, followed by an unspecified aging process, inside acacia barrels, which serves to accentuate its roundness. The color is amber and the scent is of juniper mixed with hints of acacia with final fresh notes given by citrus. The taste is well-rounded and delicate, the juniper aroma is...

    4010 €
  • Grifu Pilloni London Dry Gin
    4060 € In Stock
  • Baciamano Old Tom 42 Gin
    3600 € In Stock

    Baciamano Old Tom 42 Gin

    50cl | 42.0%

    Old Tom Gin is a distilled gin 42% ABV, made with wheat alcohol and juniper. After distillation we add a touch of honey from Dolomites, giving it the classic sweetness you look for in a traditional Old Tom Gin.

    3600 €
  • Baciamano Salis 40 Gin
    4290 € In Stock

    Baciamano Salis 40 Gin

    50cl | 40.0%

    Baciamano (cum grano) Salis Gin is a premium Italian spirit. Ionian seawater added cum grano salis, with some sense, to distilled gin from pure wheat alcohol and the best juniper from Balcanian coast on Mediterranean Sea. The sea salt deposit on the bottom of the bottle is peculiar. This gin is smooth and naturally slightly salted. Perfect for unusual...

    4290 €
  • Gin Deer Giori
    3850 € In Stock

    Deer Gin Giori

    70cl | 46.0%

    Gin Deer Giori è stato ottenuto dalla distillazione di frumento ed orzo mediante alambicchi di rame secondo il metodo discontinuo tagliando le teste e le code. L'artigianalità, l'esperienza del mastro distillatore e l'accuratezza nella distillazione, garantiscono l'elevata qualità del distilòlato in cui sono stati messi a macerare: bacche di ginepro,...

    3850 €
  • Gin Ngin
    1195 € In Stock

    Gin Ngin

    100cl | 38.0%

    1195 €
  • Gin Bosford
    1510 € In Stock

    Gin Bosford

    100cl | 37.5%

    1510 €
  • Luis 8 Gin 1L
    1870 € In Stock

    Luis 8 Gin 1L


    1870 €
  • Ginepraio Amphora Navy Strenght Gin
    4560 € In Stock
  • Malfy Pink Grapefruit Gin
    3270 € In Stock

    Gin Malfy Pink Grapefruit

    70cl | 41.0%

    3270 €
  • Gin Collesi SAAZ
    2800 € Out of stock

    Gin Collesi SAAZ

    70cl | 42.8%

    La personalità spiccata di questo gin scaturisce dal luppolo Saaz, nobile varietà originaria della Repubblica Ceca nota per il delicato aroma erbaceo e speziato. Gli ingredienti, tutti accuratamente selezionati, comprendono rosmarino, menta e pregiate bacche di ginepro dell’Appenino, insieme alle acque purissime del Monte Nerone. Le botaniche, dosate con...

    2800 €
    Out of stock
  • Rivo Sloe Gin
    5717 € Out of stock

    Gin Rivo Sloe

    50cl | 30.0%

    Gin Rivo Sloe è leggermente dolce, con note fruttate e mandorlate che si bilanciano per dare un sapore rotondo e al tempo stesso delicato. Con una gradazione di 30%VOL è perfetto da bersi liscio o in miscelazione.

    5717 €
    Out of stock
  • Pigskin Pink Gin
    3210 € In Stock

    Gin Pigskin Pink

    70cl | 40.0%

    Il Gin Pigskin Pink è un London Dry Gin affinato in botti di castagno centenario sardo e preparato con botaniche proventi dalla zona di Oristano dove ha sede la distilleria Silvio Carta. Si caratterizza per il delicato ma deciso sentore di Mirto e dai profumi tipici della macchia mediterranea.

    3210 €
  • Doro Aged Gin
    6940 € In Stock

    Gin Doro Aged

    70cl | 44.0%

    Gin Doro Aged viene prodotto esclusivamente con botaniche sarde e posto in invecchiamento per 12 mesi in botti di puro castagno. Si presenta con un colore dorato e profumi intensi di ginepro, salvia, resina, vaniglia e agrumi. Al palato risulta corposo, ricco, morbido, opulento e lunghissimo. Consigliato da bere liscio

    6940 €
  • Gin Puro
    3670 € In Stock

    Gin Puro

    70cl | 56.3%

    La perfezione non si ottiene quando non c’è più nulla da aggiungere, ma quando non c’è più nulla da togliere.Gin Puro è interprete del gusto più puro del Gin. La gradazione è importante, per sostenere la forza aromatica del distillato. Gin Puro è sorprendentemente morbido, pur con imponente struttura, non invadente, richiama con piacevolezza il sorso...

    3670 €
  • Baciamano Gin 40 Hibiscus
    3590 € In Stock

    Baciamano Gin 40 Hibiscus

    50cl | 40.0%

    Baciamano Hibiscus 40 is a 40 degrees gin, monobotanical, in which hibiscus flowers are infused. Red color and sour taste remind karkadè: the Tuareg drink. Herbal and citric notes remind raspberry and rhubarb. The citric notes match in a perfect way with tonic or, why not, in a gin fizz.  

    3590 €
  • Baciamano Gin 45
    3470 € In Stock

    Baciamano Gin 45

    50cl | 45.0%

    Gin Baciamano 45 is a premium gin distilled to which is added just one botanical, the most important: juniper. We use high quality weath alcohol and the best juniper collected from plants grown on the Balkan coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where the smell of resin that emanate in the heat is unmistakable.  

    3470 €
  • Baciamano Gin 58
    3590 € In Stock

    Baciamano Gin 58

    50cl | 58.0%

    Gin Baciamano 58 is a gin with more personality, but with the same base of Gin Baciamano 45: weath alcohol and juniper. Just two ingredients that together exalt their potentials in a perfect spirit. The juniper gives off a strong scent to the nose; the taste is audacious and persistent.  

    3590 €
  • Gin Collesi Amarillo
    2820 € Out of stock

    Gin Collesi Amarillo

    70cl | 42.8%

    Gli ingredienti naturali di un territorio d’eccezione regalano a questo Gin giovane e straordinariamente fresco, la sua originalità.Le bacche di un ginepro d’eccellenza tipico dell’Appennino, le acque cristalline del Monte Nerone e, a dare una nota personale e inconfondibile, l’Amarillo, varietà di luppolo americana dalle particolari qualità aromatiche....

    2820 €
    Out of stock
  • Gin Peter in Florence
    4490 € In Stock

    Gin Peter in Florence

    50cl | 43.0%

    Peter in Florence Gin è, in tributo a Firenze, il “gin dell’eleganza”: mette al centro l’iris, icona della città, di cui vengono utilizzati non solo la radice, come da tradizione, ma anche i petali, cosa ben più rara, che enfatizza la parte floreale del distillato. E’ un gin classico, in osservanza alle regole del London Dry Gin, ma innovativo, anche per...

    4490 €
  • Ondina Gin
    3687 € In Stock

    Gin Ondina

    70cl | 45.0%

    O'ndina è il nuovo Gin di proprietà Campari che cattura l’essenza italiana. La distillazione avviene in piccoli distillatori al fine di ottenere un gin piacevole, chiaro e privo di residui. Il distillatore viene riscaldato gradualmente a vapore, in modo da garantire un flusso morbido e regolare del distillato in uscita dal condensatore. Botaniche...

    3687 €
  • 57 London Dry Gin
    3848 € In Stock

    Gin 57

    70cl | 57.0%

    3848 €
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